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Since 1997 many of our clients living in Spain or even in other EC countries far from the Pyrenees
have asked this question:

What should I buy: a house that I can move into staight away, or a house to renovate, or a plot of land to build a new house on that is entirely to my liking ?

Our experience allows us to help you answer this question and find the best property for you:

  • If you are in a hurry or only have a few months to move into a fully habitable house it is best to choose between new homes or well preserved pre-owned properties.
  • If there is no urgency to move into a house, the choices increase and include homes to renovate or building plots, allowing you to have a dream house in an ideal location. 

Is it a problem to renovate or build a house when you live 2,000 Kilometers away?
We can ensure that there is no problem and that you only need to visit our region a few times:

  • 1st. To select a property, reserve it and explain to our architects office your needs and basic ideas about the renovation or construction and to prepare a draft project. 
  • 2nd. To acquire ownership by signing in the presence of a notary, confirm or modify the preliminary draft and finalize the renovation or construction project. At the same time we can provide a list of construction companies in the area with extensive experience in the type of work to be done.
  • 3rd. To choose between construction companies, and after the submission of estimates by at least two of them, implement the works contract. 

Over the course of the works the architect and surveyor will oversee the construction ensuring that it complies with the project and any changes agreed, so that it is not necessary for the owner to make more visits unless they want to make any unforseen changes. If an owner wishes to personally choose aspects of the work (tiles, bathroom suites, taps, etc ...), they can make a 4th visit during the work.

By following this process the works should be completed within an average of 18 months from the time of choosing a house to restore or a building plot.